The Challenge

A large, highly fragmented non-profit organization was collecting duplicate information from its clients, using different tools and methods across its divisions. Processes for data collection, capture, and storage varied from team to team. In many cases, data would be manually entered into a company-wide CRM system, then manually re-keyed into additional systems. As a result, the organization was presenting an inconsistent face to its clients. In some cases, the client had to contact multiple divisions with the same request. This inefficient, siloed approach to data capture and storage tied up resources that could have been used to provide additional, value-added services.


The Approach

A Leverage consultant worked with 18 different internal groups to identify and document inefficiencies in collecting and maintaining client information. The consultant built a core team of people from across the organization who were interested in taking a cross-divisional view. She facilitated workshops to help this core team analyze primary causes of issues, design to-be processes, and document the new service model. The consultant delivered a final analysis and recommendations to the team, with a detailed implementation plan to launch a pilot.


The Result

The leaders of the organization accepted the recommendation to begin a pilot of the new, cross-divisional process. Similar efforts with data had never been attempted, however, so they wanted to proceed with caution. Implementation of the new service model and technology enhancements are currently underway, and multiple divisions are working collaboratively to improve overall efficiency and deliver a better client experience.


  • Sector: Non-Profit
  • Benefits: Improved client experience and organizational efficiency
  • Project Length: Four months
  • Effort: Three days weekly