How We Work

Just as we advocate to clients, Leverage Business Consulting takes a lean but thorough approach to our business. We operate as a small network of highly experienced, independent business consultants with diverse functional backgrounds in a variety of industries. Our common denominator is a passion for efficient processes, meaningful metrics and effective use of technology. This professional network approach allows us to respond nimbly, and draw on a powerful talent pool when our clients require consulting services. Leverage consultants work with clients’ staff on the ground to deliver projects, but we don’t stop there. Our goal is to not only deliver results that delight our clients, but leave behind the tools, templates, and knowledge that enable the organization to become self-sufficient.

Identifying and working with the brightest, most experienced independent consultants is paramount to the long-term success of Leverage Business Consulting. With the best talent in place, we are able to commit to building strong relationships with our clients based on integrity, professionalism, and deep expertise.


What We Do

Leverage Business Consulting focuses on four key areas of service. First, we offer assistance with business transformation: examining project delivery, change management, process analysis and improvement, quality, and operational performance metrics. We also provide IT system analysis and implementation support. Outsource provider oversight is another area of service, with a focus on governance and maximizing value of services. Finally, we provide control environment review, process owner coaching and collaboration, as well as risk assessment and due diligence.


Our Approach

🔲  Process Improvement

Leverage Business Consulting is often contracted by organizations to improve business processes, in which we lead a defined project according to a structured methodology. In many cases, this effort occurs prior to implementing new technology in order ensure the right processes are in place with meaningful metrics prior to any technical delivery. During this type of project, we partner with our clients to:

  • Identify the appropriate internal staff to participate in the project, according to a set of recommended characteristics
  • Lead the project team through a structured approach to define the core issues and their impact on the customer
  • Map the process and document related activities and hand-offs; identify and analyze process inefficiencies
  • Design meaningful metrics
  • Prioritize process improvements and develop action plans
  • Execute the action plans and implement the new process


🔲  Project Portfolio Optimization

Does this sound familiar: “There is limited top-level management and coordination of the projects around the business.”? If canvassed, the staff of an organization in need of project portfolio optimization might say, “We really have more projects and initiatives going on than we can handle very well.”

At Leverage, we believe it is okay to re-prioritize projects, as management will need to continually assess how project investments align to the overarching organizational portfolio.

We develop a custom portfolio management approach to guide change (via projects), which encompasses strategically aligned project benefits, thoughtful balancing so as to not over-tax resources from one department, and visible progress tracking.


🔲  Coaching and Team Development

It’s our practice in this area to focus on cascading the basic principles of process improvement throughout the organization, and introducing tools and techniques to implement quick wins and promote a new way of thinking. We support this through interactive training and project sponsor workshops that help to develop new capabilities.

While partnering with staff, Leverage Business Consulting demonstrates the importance of making management decisions based on facts, while paying close attention to customers and always taking the time to do it right. The three C’s always prevail: communication, coordination and collaboration across the organization.


🔲  Lean Six Sigma Program and Project Delivery

All Leverage consultants are highly experienced in Six Sigma methodology. This approach utilizes a set of tools, often project-based, to analyze, design, improve and measure an organization’s products and services.

For maximum impact, many of our clients request a cross-functional effort that combines project selection, training, project delivery, and change management. Some programs are full-scale corporate initiatives, while others exist in pockets of the organization.